Promoting Energy & Infrastructure at Bytelex

We are continuously building capacity in our energy and infrastructure department, We are pleased to announce that Bytelex Partner Eyogyiire Irene, received training from Hydroplan in Scotland. She took courses on finance, policy and regulations around setting up hydro power plants.

Medical licensing and Protection

Bytelex recently started representing longtime client idrain in medical licensing and protection of its pleural efusion device. We will be working closely with the idrain team to assist them with NDA licensing.

Bio Tech Startup idrain wins $10,000

Biotech startup idrain recently won the MiT founded CAMTech challenge worth $10,000. We have been working with the startup over the last few months to develop an Intellectual property strategy for its pleural effusion device. A cheap to use-reusable medical device that provides safe drainage of excess fluids such as oedema and chest cavity fluids. The device is providing affordable medical care to patients threatened by fluid build up.

Build an industry coalition

To support a specific EU trade negotiation, we created a pro-trade cross-sectorial industry coalition. We set the strategic direction of the coalition and facilitated direct engagement with institutional stakeholders in the EU as well as with the trading partner.

Knowledge sharing session

Our very own Raymond Asiimwe was invited as a Panelist at the Artificial intelligence Master Class organised by Facebook Developer circles Uganda. The event explored the AI landscape across various industries including Drones, Autonomous cars and Robots.

Bytelex represents largest drone startup

Bytelex cross border practice has registered unprecedented success by signing the largest medical-logistics drone startup in the world. Bytelex will be representing the company in Rwanda and tanzania, assisting it navigate the legal landscape related to drones and medical licensing with the Tanzania food & Drugs Authority.

Dive into EU decision-making

Our client, a large energy company, aimed to increase its political and technical understanding of EU decision-making to refine and enhance its approach to outreach with the institutions. We designed and delivered a tailored, interactive training on the European Parliament for the client's government affairs department, combining theory and practice to support their engagement with policymakers.

Oppose unfair trading practices

The European Commission’s plans to impose anti-subsidy and anti-dumping duties on Chinese PV panels and components threatened our client’s flagship business. Through a “capitals tour” of trade ministries, we contributed to maintaining the definitive tariffs 75% lower and for a shorter duration than initially proposed.

Developing a Startup Documents Kit

We are pleased to announce that Bytelex will be developing a tech-startup document kit. The exciting part is that we will be giving it out free! Check here in a few months for details.

Health Savings Startup Signs deal with MTN Uganda

Longtime Client ClinicPesa negotiates exclusive deal with MTN & Stanbic to provide a health savings mobile platform for clients.

Start an exchange

Our client sought to create a favourable environment for the promotion of a renewable energy source. We designed and implemented an educative session in the European Parliament, involving most Members of Parliament from the concerned national delegation. This cultivated an informal but effective setting for the company to share its views on the desired policy framework.

Contribute to EU trade policy

Our client, a large business association, supported a comprehensive and ambitious EU-Japan Free Trade Agreement. We developed a positive narrative on behalf of the association to accompany the negotiations and created opportunities for dialogue with chief negotiators and the business community on key topics like regulatory cooperation and digital trade through direct engagement and high-level events in Brussels and in Member States.

Investor and Startup master Class

Touchbase is a prodigy of Bytelex Advocates - commited to building Tech investment and startup capacity in East Africa. Touchable is delighted to Announce its first investor and startup master class that will run between 01-21 march in East-Africa.

MSME leads generation startup participates in Tech Crunch Startup Battlefield

Our Longtime client Sellio participated at the Africa startup Battlefield held in Nairobi on October 11th 2017.At the same event Sellio launched its product to the Kenyan market.

Support European industry

Our client supported a Commission proposal to reduce climate-damaging fluorinated gas emissions, but saw ways that climate goals could be achieved without banning these critical chemicals outright. We brought our client's position and demonstrative data to the attention of the co-legislators, successfully creating room for an exemption for safe closed-loop use of fluorinated gases without economically or chemically viable substitutions.