Energy & Environment

Dive into EU decision-making

Our client, a large energy company, aimed to increase its political and technical understanding of EU decision-making to refine and enhance its approach to outreach with the institutions. We designed and delivered a tailored, interactive training on the European Parliament for the client's government affairs department, combining theory and practice to support their engagement with policymakers.

Start an exchange

Our client sought to create a favourable environment for the promotion of a renewable energy source. We designed and implemented an educative session in the European Parliament, involving most Members of Parliament from the concerned national delegation. This cultivated an informal but effective setting for the company to share its views on the desired policy framework.

Support European industry

Our client supported a Commission proposal to reduce climate-damaging fluorinated gas emissions, but saw ways that climate goals could be achieved without banning these critical chemicals outright. We brought our client's position and demonstrative data to the attention of the co-legislators, successfully creating room for an exemption for safe closed-loop use of fluorinated gases without economically or chemically viable substitutions.

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