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Our Mission

To provide quality legal and advisory services through understanding our clients' needs and expectations.

Our Vision

To provide legal and advisory services for emerging growth and high technology companies in order to spur consistent growth.

Our Solution

A Startup and Technology Law Practice. Providing Legal advice to Startups, Technology Entities and Investors 

Bytelex at a Glance.



In August 2013, Raymond Asiimwe our founding partner then at Makerere University had attended different startup events at emerging innovation hubs in Uganda at the time. Startups had vibrant ideas, which got funding but never thrived to achieve their full potential. Raymond then conducted an investigation into why startup companies failed in Uganda and discovered that, startups didnot get relevant legal advice as they struggled to survive. Moreover there was a need for lawyers with an understanding of technology that drove these startups. Further, investment into these startups in their state didnot promote growth but rather inhibited it because the startups lacked a sound internal structure. It was observed therefore that both the startup and the investor were in a dilema! There was a gap termed "the startup-investor gap" that inhibited startup growth and dampened investment into the startups.Still unsure of the problem, Raymond opened a Bytelex twitter Account, where together with a select team of co-founding Partners posted specific advice, tailored for startups, technology Companies and Investors. In just a month, the account grew to over a hundred followers, who gave useful feedback and insight. This then prompted, the formation of Bytelex, a solution providing legal services for startups, Technology Companies and Investors to close the gap.


We are a vibrant network of lawyers with a deep understanding of the technology and science behind tech startups.We understand that a startup must with stand conditions of extreme uncertainity. Therefore we provide what a startup will need from the get go, by providing the representation required to spur consistent growth. Since we understand these conditions of extreme uncertainity a startup must face, every step with us creates value for your startup and your potential clients. We strive to make flexible financing options for our services, more than often our clients have benefitted from entirely free services. Our motivation is your growth and we are dedicated to lead you to your first buyout offer or IPO!

Our Team

Bytelex is on the path of creating a collegiate workforce. Lawyers at Bytelex have a technology background and work with techies and scientists in various industries under one roof to close the identified gap in the emerging startup eco-structure in Africa. At Bytelex we believe the intersection of the law with Technology will have a ripple effect on the startups we advise spuring them to grow and achieve their full potential. While promoting a return on investment for investors since they can now have useful insight before they invest.