George Kiwanuka

George Kiwanuka

George holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice from Law Development Center and a Bachelor of Laws degree from the Makerere University School of Law, where he served on the legal journal and magazine editorial boards in both institutions. He bears an almost insatiable passion for research, legal writing, litigation and advises primarily in the areas of Employment Law, Corporate Governance and Intellectual Property. He carries a strong focus on innovative procedures, watching emerging trends of legal practice and striving to incorporate them locally. George has in the past done research and written on corporate & commercial practice and constitutional matters. His experience at a publishing house and poetry foundation has rooted him with an interest in the entertainment, data and creative industry trends and laid a foundation for his interest in intellectual property.


  • Was Editor of the Makerere School of Law Journal for the years 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 during which years the Editorial Board embarked on a process of digitalizing the journal archives.
  • Was Head of Internal Correspondences for the Law Development Center’s Editorial Board of 2017-2018, the same board that published the inaugural LDC Magazine


  • George Kiwanuka (2017), Dissertation titled, "Examining the Nexus between Political Question Doctrine, Separation of [Powers and Social (In)Justice."

Work Highlights 

  • Oversaw, conducted and advised on the incorporation of Hadithi Media Limited, a Uganda based digital and ebook services publishing house with operations in Nairobi Kenya and Kampala Uganda.
  • Oversaw, conducted and advised on the incorporation of Neskode Kreative Limited, a fast growing software development and digital internet services provider.
  • Advised and worked on the ARED Uganda and Rwanda Delaware flip transaction.
  • Drafted and advised on the appliance leasing documents to be used by Turgo Digital Limited Uganda, a Kampala based financial leasing business for appliances and technological products.
  • Drafted tenancy documentation and property management plans for ANIK Industries Uganda Limited.
  • Worked on share transfers and restructuring in PrintBoda Limited and Kyewalyanga Properties Limited.
  • Oversaw, conducted and advised on the incorporation of the Orite Group and Orite Pharma-Care Ltd, a growing pharmaceutical services service provider with interests ranging from retail pharmacies, drug shops and real estate. He also worked on the certification and standards for the latter’s pharmacy premises.
  • Advised Wealthsmiths and G25 Investments, both successful investment clubs and registered cooperative societies on effective ways of doing business, dealing with financial impropriety in the clubs as well as incorporation of the latter into a private company limited by shares.
  • Oversaw, conducted and advised on the incorporation of Agomak Holdings, a family real estate and investments entity doing work in Uganda and expecting to expand to the United Kingdom.
  • Advised and collaborated on the representation of Anik Industries, a Kampala based industrial conglomerate with operations locally and in India, in a labour dispute where its former employees took it on in labour court.
  • Advised and oversaw the certification of medical face masks for ThinkIT Limited at the National Drug Authority.
  • Oversaw, conducted and advised on the incorporation of Baker’s Garden Limited, a fast growing confectioneries maker, gift service and bakery in Kampala.
  • Represented and advised the Public Health Ambassadors Uganda (PHAU) a public health non governmental organisation in a memorandum of understanding with Diwala where they collaborate to link and provide career opportunities to public health undergraduate students.
  • Drafted documentation for Abacus Designs Limited to govern the financing structure for funds from an investor for the acquisition of printing machinery.
  • Advised Carrington Holdings Uganda on their OmniGym Fitness application and their Merge Fit programme on its collaborations with potential partners and formalized its memorandum of understanding with several gyms which include Paradise Fitness City Spa, LBZ Gym, Royale Wellness Centre and the Ruparelia Group gyms and health clubs.
  • Advised Teheca Limited, a maternal health and nursing solutions service providing startup on a share restructure for purposes of financing. The restructure involved creation of new shares that included an employee pool for options and a preferential set for the new investors.
  • Advised and drafted documentation of hire purchase agreements and battery hire contracts for Zembo SMC Limited, Uganda’s first and only electric motorbike assembly and dealing company.
  • Oversaw, conducted and advised on the incorporation of Florah’s Bridal Palace, a promising wedding attire, planning, coordination and bridal accessories trading, consultancy and sale center.
  • Advised and oversaw the incorporation of FarmSawa Limited, an agri-tech focused startup that develops leading digital solutions to farmers in Uganda and Rwanda and runs an online market place for genuine verified farm inputs which include seeds, fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Advised Think IT Limited, a fast-growing biotechnology startup on a restructuring process to prepare it for funding and on a data collection collaboration arrangement with Clinic Masters, a medical facility database invention and system operating company.
  • Oversaw, conducted and advised on the incorporation of Nexus Ink Limited, a branding, printing and publishing firm in Kampala.
  • Advised, oversaw and drafted documentation required in the setting up of a financial leasing arrangement between Kangyezi Brian Investments (KBI) and a top computer and furnishing trader.
  • Studied the formation of a Kigali-Rwanda based investment fund, advised and drafted the investment management contracts to govern its relationships with the numerous investors.
  • Advised and drafted documentation in the asset sale of the Eden Pharmacy and Healthcare Limited, a fast growing pharmaceutical enterprise which underwent a change to new ownership and management.
Bytelex Advocates Associate - George Kiwanuka


  • Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice, Law Development Center
  • Bachelor of Laws, Makerere University Kampala

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Employment Law, Corporate Governance and Intellectual Property


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