Technology Transactions

We advise developers of innovative ICT-enabled solutions on the legal and regulatory regime affecting their operations in Uganda and Rwanda. The Firm advises its clients on protection of the intellectual property in their innovations including copyright registration, trademark protection, utility models and patent registration. The Firm also advises its clients on commercialisation of their innovations ranging from licensing arrangements to specific assignments.

Case Study

A pioneer medical devices firm in our health sciences and biotech space, approached the firm to advise on creating a sustainable business model for their medical device. The client required assistance in getting early revenue prior to getting medical licensing approvals which were challenging and were a barrier to entry in the medical devices industry.

  1. Developing a bio-tech joint venture agreement with a public University
  2. Advising & Incorporating a joint venture company
  3. Presenting and preparing patent/utility model applications
  4. Preparing licensing agreements

Client was able to get royalties from cross-licensing and acquire investor interest using the Joint venture company.